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How to Reset Annotation Properties?

Use properties panel to conveniently change your annotation properties such as colors, opacity, etc. The followings are the steps:

Resetting Through Annotation Properties Panel

1. Click the triangle icon on the right side or tap F4 to show the Annotation Properties Panel;


2. Select a comment, then you can modify its properties in annotation properties panel.



Properties Options


Color: This allows you to select the fill color of the selected objects.

Capacity: This allows you to adjust the capacity of the selected objects.

Line width: This allows you to adjust the width of the selected handwritten line.


Text Font: Include the text color, size, font, bold and italic.

Fill Color: Select the background color of the text box.

Bold Color: Select text box border color.

Capacity: Adjust the capacity of the text box.

Note: Annotation tools include: high light, underline, squiggly, strikethrough, Freehand, Text, Anchored Note, Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, and Line.


Resetting Through Top Toolbar

1. Click Settings titlebar_settings on the top left corner;

2. Choose Annotation to reset the font, then hit Apply.


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