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How to Use the Measuring Tool?

PDF Reader Pro makes it easy to measure distances and areas of objects in PDF documents with our measuring tools. With these tools, you can quickly and accurately measure the dimensions of any object in your PDF document. Let’s take a look.


How to use the Measure Tools to measure distances and areas in PDFs

To measure an object, click Editor and choose Measure, then choose the measurement tool you wish to use:

1) Select Line to measure an object’s length height, or distance between two points;

2) Select Multilines to measure the distance spanning multiple points;

3) Select Polygon to measure the perimeter and area of closed shapes;

4) Select Rectangle to quickly identify a complete rectangular area, and automatically calculates the perimeter and area.



Note: Click Esc to exit continuous marking mode.


Other options that set your measurements

1) Set Actual Size and Precision

- Click the measurement area;

- The region information will be displayed in the lower right corner, click Settings;

- You can set the Actual Size and Precision here.



2) Set Measurement Appearance

- Click on the selected area and the Properties panel will be displayed on the right side of the screen;

- Or click the triangle icon on the right side or tap F4 to show the Annotation Properties Panel;

- You can set the Fill Color, Border Color, Opacity, Line Width, Line Style, and Font here.


3) Delete the Measurement Result

If you wish to delete the measurement result in the PDF file, right-click on the measurement and select Delete. You can also Cut, Copy, and Note the measurement result on this pop-up window page.


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