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How to Annotate in PDFs

Note-taking is a great way to learn faster and retain more significant information. When processing an electronic document in PDF format, annotation tools is very helpful from marking up student homework to sharing your ideas on your colleague’s presentation. PDF Reader Pro makes it easy to annotate PDFs with various comment tools. Watch the video or follow the steps and start adding your comments.


1. Open PDF files with PDF Reader Pro;

2. Click Tools tools on the toolbar, there are rich annotation tools for you to choose from;

3. On the toolbar, you can quickly access annotations tools including Highlight, Underline, Squiggly, Strikethrough, Freehand, Text, Anchored Note, Shape, Link, Stamp, Image, Signature, Bookmark, and more;

4. Markup or comment on your PDFs, use the properties panel to conveniently change your annotation properties such as colors, opacity, and so on.


Text Markup

Select the Tools tools -> choose Highlight, Underline, Squiggly, or Strikethrough and apply it to the text that you want to annotate.

Highlighter  : mark important paragraphs of text is a way of marking references to important content.

Underline underlight : draw a line below for emphasis.

Squiggly wavyline : draw a squiggly line under.

Strikethrough strikeout : underline words to let others know they have been deleted.

Freehand pen : add freehand handwriting just like you do with a pen.



Enter the reading page and click Tools tools on the toolbar -> tap Text text , then click on any place in the document and start typing.


Anchored Note 

This tool allows notes to be added to your document as comments. Notes are life savers when it comes to cross-referencing and adding contextual knowledge.

1. Enter the reading page and click Tools tools on the toolbar;

2. Click Anchored Note note ;

3. Click where you want to add comments, type in the pop-up note box that appears;

4. Tap the delete icon close on the right so that the note you're not satisfied with will be removed.

Click Note to know more about it.



Annotate your PDF files with Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, and Line.This tool also allows you to modify the Border Color, Line width, Line Style, Fill Color, Opacity of all the shapes. You can also change the Start & End of the arrows and lines inserted.

1. Enter the reading page and click Tools tools on the toolbar;

2. Select between Rectangle rec , Circle nor , Arrow fold, and Linefoldon the toolbar to create simple shapes.



Redirect a text or an area to needed destinations by Page, URL, and Email.

1. Check the texts or any area you want to add links;

2. click Tools tools on the toolbar;

2. Tap Link link , and set the link by Page, URL, and Email;

3. Delete the unwanted hyperlink by right-clicking the area that you created for it.

Click Link to know more about it.



You can choose from a list of predefined stamps, or you are able to create your own stamps.

1. Enter the reading page and click Tools tools on the toolbar;

2. Tap Stamp stamp ;

3. Select Standard, you will get a bunch of ordinary stamps;

4. Select Dynamic to create a dynamic stamp consisting of an author's name and date;

5. Select Custom to create a customized Image Stamp or Text Stamp;

6. Right click -> Cut / Copy / Delete / Note stamp.

Click Stamp to know more about it.



1. Select Tools tools on the toolbar -> click Image image ;

2. Select an image and then place it at any place on your PDF page;

3. Drag the image and move it to any place you want.

Click Image to know more about it.



1. Open the PDF document you want to sign;

2. Click Tools tools on the toolbar and then tap Signature Signature ;

3. Select New Signature and add a new signature by Keyboard, Trackpad, or Image;

Keyboard: type your signature in this blank area. You can change signature styles from a few selections of signature styles available;

Trackpad: in this field, you can draw your signature at will;

Image: you can Drop an image here or Select a File;

4. Hit Save & Apply to save it, and put the signature where you want it.

Click Sign PDF to know more about it.


Content Selection Tool 

Click and drag the frame to print or export the area as PNG/JPG.


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