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How to Add Sticky Note to PDFs?

When receiving a PDF file, you may need to add notes to some important content. PDF Reader Pro allows you to add sticky notes to your PDFs. Follow the steps and insert notes to your PDFs now!

Add Sticky Note

1. Click Tools toolbar_My Tools on the toolbar -> hit Anchored Note subtoolbar_mytools_Anchored Note -> tap anywhere on the page you want to add a note;

2. Type the text in the text box -> click Anchored Note subtoolbar_mytools_Anchored Note on the toolbar again to finish your work or click any area on the page to add another sticky note;

3. Right-click the icon to edit comments again and you can do one of the followings:

  • Delete: Click Delete to delete the sticky note.

  • Copy: Click Copy to copy the sticky note.

  • Cut: Click Cut to cut the sticky note and paste it to another place.

  • Note: Click Note to modify the text in the pop-up window.

Change the Properties

Click the icon of the sticky note, then you can change its color and opacity in the right properties panel.


Note: if the properties panel is hidden, click the triangle icon on the right side to show it.


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