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How to Activate AI License Code

The AI feature is now available on the Windows platform! Here's what you need to do to activate the license code on Windows. Please make sure you are using PDF Reader Pro Windows and have updated to version 3.5.0 and above.


Then activate the AI license Code:


1. Launch PDF Reader Pro -> Tap My AI Credit at the upper right corner;



2. Click Enter AI License, and input your license;

3. Tap OK to activate.



After successful activation, you can enjoy all the AI features as follows:

  1. AI Summarize: Fast summarize lengthy PDFs and extract valuable insights from data chat.
  2. AI Translate: Accurately translate any language. Support translating a whole PDF or paragraphs.
  3. AI Rewrite: Rewrite your PDF to enhance style and polish content.
  4. AI Proofread: Check grammar, and fix spelling errors to ensure a professional file.


Try PDF Reader Pro AI today and discover the incredible power of our all-in-one PDF AI assistant. It effortlessly extracts precise information from even the intricate PDF content. We also offer AI Tools on Mac. Don't miss out, download PDF Reader Pro now and experience its unmatched capabilities! 

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