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How to Restore the License?

There are several situations when you should restore your license. Here we give you the explanation:


- If your license code is invalid, you can contact us by clicking here;

- If you lost your license code, you can always retrieve your license by clicking here;

- If you couldn't find "enter license" on your app, check the App version whether it is Windows or UWP version. The license code is needed to activate your PDF Reader Pro Windows. You should make sure that you download the PDF Reader Pro Windows from our official website. Don't get confused with the other version which is PDF Reader Pro UWP. This version needs no license key to activate. Click here to learn more about The Difference Between PDF Reader Pro Windows and PDF Reader Pro UWP. You can download PDF Reader Pro UWP from Microsoft Store here.


How to restore your license? You can simply contact us here.

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