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Why Can't I Activate PDF Reader Pro Windows After Payment?

There are several factors that can cause you to not be able to activate your PDF Reader Pro Windows. We listed some of the contributing factors and please check carefully the situation listed below to solve your problem.


1. You may download another product, namely PDF Reader Pro UWP from the Microsoft Store. Products that require a license code are PDF Reader Pro Windows, while PDF Reader Pro UWP does not require a license code to activate. Make sure you download PDF Reader Pro Windows from this link: Click here to download.

2. You might face an abnormal payment. You may have seen that the payment was successful and there might be some unexpected error that caused you to not receive the license code. If you face this problem, please contact our Contact Support Team.

3. It is possible that you did not receive the license code via your email. If you do not receive the license code in your email within an hour, you can contact our Contact Support Team.

4. You have received the license code, but the license code won't activate. If you encounter this situation, please contact our Contact Support Team.


Click here to learn more about How to Activate Your License Code. You can also contact us at [email protected].

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