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Difference between PDF Reader Pro Windows and PDF Reader Pro UWP

PDF Reader Pro Windows and PDF Reader Pro UWP have several differences when it comes to where you can download, features, and interfaces. Both are useful in their own way depending on your needs.

PDF Reader Pro releases different versions on various platforms according to your needs. When you want to download PDF Reader Pro, you may feel a bit confused as to which version you should download. You may end up downloading the version that doesn't suit your needs the best. Knowing the differences between both versions will help you decide.


1. Where to download Windows and UWP Version?

The PDF Reader Pro Windows, also known as the desktop version can be downloaded from our official website. You can download it without having to register an account. The UWP version of PDF Reader Pro can be downloaded from the Microsoft store. You need to have a Microsoft account in order to download. If you download PDF Reader Pro from the Microsoft store, you can install our software with ease even after changing computers.


2. Prices

Windows version:

PDF Reader Pro for Windows only offers a one-time purchase with two plan options, namely the Premium and Permanent Plan. The Premium plan is priced at $59.99 and the Permanent plan is available for $79.99. The Permanent plan offers you the Premium package plus unlimited PDF to Office Pack which you can use for a lifetime. Click here to learn more about our Plans and Pricing, and choose the right plan that suits you best.


UWP version:

On the other hand, the UWP version offers you a monthly subscription in addition to the one-time purchases. The monthly subscription is available at a cheaper price than the Windows version for $14.99 for 3-months Pro license including a 7-day free trial. But there are several features that are not available for UWP version such as edit PDF text, form tools, OCR tools, and bookmode page display. But if you are more interested in buying monthly subscriptions, you can choose to buy the PDF Reader Pro UWP here.


3. Payment and Activation

PDF Reader Pro Windows and UWP offer numerous free features but you can experience more features if you upgrade your payment status to Premium or Permanent License. There are several methods to purchase PDF Reader Pro. Click here to choose a plan that suits you best.

You can purchase PDF Reader Pro for Windows from our official website. This version will need a license code to be activated. After purchasing, the license code will be sent to your email. You can read more about PDF Reader Pro Windows activation here. PDF Reader Pro UWP version can be purchased from the Microsoft store directly. After purchasing, you can use the software without having to use any license code.


4. Features Comparison

 difference between exe and UWP


5. Difference between the main interface

 In PDF Reader Pro Windows, the functions bar is located at the top of the main interface. There you can find settings, help, activation key, print, save, and etc. You can create a PDF or open a file by clicking the button at the top left and you can find the Quick Start Guide at the left bottom of the interface. When you open a document, you will see that the page range and view scale are displayed at the bottom of the interface.



In the UWP version of PDF Reader Pro, the functions such as Settings and Help are located on the bottom left of the main interface as well as the Quick Start Guide. You can create a PDF or open a file by clicking the button at the top left. When you open a document, you can find that the page  range and view scale are displayed at the top of the interface.



As we can see above, both softwares are powerful in their own way. Both have advanced software to meet your needs in managing your PDF documents. So what are you waiting for? Download PDF Reader Pro Windows or PDF Reader Pro UWP now!

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