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How to Unbind My License Code to Windows?

If you want to unbind your license code of PDF Reader Pro.exe to one device and link it to another, please contact [email protected] with the following information: the email filled in when you purchased, and the device UUID, we will unbind it for you as soon as possible.


Let me show you how to get this information on your computer.

- How to get the UUID?

1. When you click "Activation" upper left, UUID with the license will appear at the same time;


Step 1


2. After you upgrade to the latest version V2.6.0, the easiest way is to click "Unbundle License Code";


step 2


3. Then you can get this information and claim your request in one click.


Step 3

Note: The license code is only for PDF Reader Pro.exe. One License for One Device.

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