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How to Switch from Premium Plan to Permanent Plan?

Why you should upgrade your plan to Permanent Plan?

If you upgrade to a Permanent Plan, you can experience the whole PDF to Office Pack without any limitations.

It is very easy for you to switch your plan from a premium to a permanent plan. You can easily follow the step below:


1. Open a file in PDF Reader Pro Windows;

2. Click Converter converter and choose any conversion you want;

3. Click Upgrade as you can see in the picture below;

4. You will be given a prompt message and click Buy Now;

5. You will be transferred to the upgrade page and you need to fill your informations such as your license code, your email, country, postcode, etc;

6. After completing the purchase, you will enjoy all the features of PDF Reader Pro Windows without any limitations.

Tips: You can also go to the upgrade page above by clicking this link here where you can purchase the permanent license.

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