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Why I Paid the License But Still See the Free Version?

There are several scenarios why this issue happened in the first place.


1. There are general possibilities that you might have downloaded the wrong version. You may have downloaded the UWP version which does not need any license at all. Only PDF Reader Pro Windows needs a license code to activate. So make sure you download the right version of PDF Reader Pro.

2. You may not have received your license code. If you haven't received your license code, please be sure to check the spam document in your email. You can also retrieve your license code here.

3. There might be some error with the license code which leads to activation failure. Click here to learn more about Why You Can't Activate Your License Code? If you face this issue, please make sure that you contact our Support Team and provide us with the following;

  • Your purchase record;
  • Invoice;
  • Your computer version;
  • License code.

Send the above information to our support mailbox or email them at [email protected] and wait for further notifications.

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