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How to Unblock and Run PDF Reader Pro Through McAfee?


After downloading the file, whenever I tried to click on the app, it will be blocked by McAfee, saying that it is a virus. I cannot launch the app to activate the license code or open any PDF file.



The McAfee security software for Windows includes a program called VirusScan that scans and protects your computer.  Most of the time, Active Protection takes the correct action to quarantine items that seem unsafe. Sometimes, an item might be wrongly quarantined.

Follow these steps to exclude PDF Reader Pro from being blocked.


1. Open your McAfee security software. 2. Click the settings gear icon at the top-right of the screen. 3. Under PC Settings, click Real-Time Scanning.


Note: The files that you exclude under this menu will also be excluded from On-Demand, Scheduled, and command-line scanning.


4. Under Excluded Files, click Add file. 5. Browse to, and select PDFReaderProWin.exe to exclude from being scanned.


Note: You must be using version 16.0.37 or later for files to be excluded from all scan types. If you have an older version of McAfee software, the exclusions only apply to Real-Time Scanning.


Click here to learn more about how to exclude files from virus scans through McAfee. Click here to learn more about how to restore quarantined files or programs through McAfee.


If you still have questions about it, please feel free to contact us via [email protected].

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